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In the heart of Dubai’s enchanting Wafi Mall, nestled amidst an array of artistic wonders, there exists a door to a Narnia called Golden Pen. I call it Narnia, because like the movie Narnia, as you enter this shop, you will enter to another world!

This exquisite gallery, adorned with intricate engravings, mesmerizing calligraphy, and bespoke artwork, is a testament to the remarkable talent of one man: Mr. Amirhossein Golshani, an artisan of the highest caliber.

Golden Bowl

A Unique Legacy For You & Your Childrens’ Children

In the realm of building relationships, the power of custom art, including calligraphy and engraving, is undeniable. These personalized creations go beyond ordinary gifts and become timeless keepsakes that find a prominent place in the recipient’s life. They leave a lasting impression, deepen emotional connections, and create significant memories. At our Art Gallery in Dubai, we understand the transformative influence of custom art.

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What Our Clients Say About Us!

Golden Pen Engraving
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13:53 27 Jul 23
He is a wonderful calligrapher with great talent and knowledge. His responses to my questions are clear and provide precise advice. Meeting him has made me love calligraphy even more. It is a place I definitely want to visit again.
Caroline ThomasCaroline Thomas
15:56 06 Jul 23
A visit to Amir’s calm studio in Khan Murjan,Wafi, is always a highlight of my visits to Dubai. Watching such a talented master calligrapher inscribe and write the most exquisite lettering on leather, shell, precious metals or just everyday items is a joy and a rare privilege.Amir is passionate about his craft, is very welcoming and always happy to share with you whatever he is working on. Everything he creates is unique and personal. He conjures up the most imaginative and amazing designs and dedicates time and thought to perfecting them.There is no limit to his artistry; from small items like the beautiful pendant he has created to be a unique memento of my grandchild’s birthplace to superb small pictures made for clients to reflect their memories of time spent in Dubai, I would look no further than Amir’s studio for a worthwhile experience, gift or souvenir.These days something unique is so special if you can find it, and you always can with Amir.
Goli SarsharGoli Sarshar
08:59 02 Jul 23
Amal AwadhAmal Awadh
07:52 02 Jul 23
Amazing artist, my Tiffany pen was ruined by a machine engraving(somewhere else in Dubai) and he managed to polish it and make it a piece of art. 100% would recommend you will not be disappointed.
Ulti MarkeUlti Marke
11:06 17 Jun 23
Amir Hossein is engaged in calligraphy and engraving. Give him anything that's a regular piece of jewelry, a mobile, or even a simple pen and he'll turn it into a masterpiece. In my opinion he is the best custom legacy builder in the world. He has already made some beautiful legacies for me to give to my son.
Roshana GolRoshana Gol
08:41 11 Jun 23
Amir is an incredibly talented and hard working person. Knowing that he is my father. I see him trying to please his customers and satisfy them at the very best. He is astonishingly creative in a way I could never perceive. I see him thinking about his unique designs all the time he will spend hours if not days sitting in thought. He will do anything you ever will ask of him.
golbarg golshanigolbarg golshani
16:57 09 Jun 23
Amir is extremely passionate and creative with it comes to art. With his magical touch and intelligence, he would give soul to each art piece.Highly skilled in designing and personalising a variety of items, ranging from luxurious pieces to a phone or keychain.He would turn any small idea to a memorable piece of art depending on the clients needs and events.
Yashar AjamiYashar Ajami
15:03 09 Jun 23
Golden Pen, in my humble opinion is a cultural heritage of UAE. If you love Culture, Art, History, Calligraphy and Design you must visit this hidden gem of Dubai. Amir Hussain is a multi talented Artist and a uniquely gifted in creating customized souvenirs and personalized gifts. He has worked with the world’s most luxurious brands and in his expertise there is no one who can compete with him. He is “the one and only” in high end customization and personalized gifts. Highly recommended
09:21 06 Jun 23
Amir's calligraphy and engravings are the best souvenirs you could purchase for yourself, loved ones, or colleagues! I have been fortunate to know and to purchase from Amir for a year now, and I am always in awe of his graciousness and supreme talent. My company has requested his skills for years now for farewell gifts, and he is always professional and a joy to work with. A hidden gem of Dubai. The city is very lucky to him!
Brandon AlmeidaBrandon Almeida
16:35 22 Apr 23
Amir is one of the most talented, gracious, and authentic human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.An absolute gentleman and a scholar. Every single engraving of his is a work of art. His passion is so genuine that even hearing him speak about his craft gives me goosebumps, let alone watching the master work in person.I highly encourage you to visit his shop, make sure you ask to see his micro shell engraving, one of his many projects that deserves to be in a museum.

All Things Are Possible!

In the realm of creation, where art converges with craftsmanship, Golden Pen possesses an extraordinary ability to inscribe untold stories and desires onto any medium that dares to embrace its touch. Boundaries dissolve before our skillful hands, as we breathe life into the immutable, fashioning the impossible into tangible reality. With us, the limits of possibility are shattered, paving the way for a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Explore our prowess and embark on a journey that will forever redefine your perception of what is achievable. Click the button below and venture forth into the extraordinary realm of Golden Pen, where impossibility becomes a thing of the past.

Every Masterpiece Comes With A Story!

A Love Letter To Our Japanese Friends & Clients